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In music

"Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise of a mind unconscious that it is calculating".
Gottfried Leibniz, quoted in Lorenz Mizler's Musikalische Bibliothek


Trombone links

Great trombone music Hip-Bone Music CDs
Doug Yeo´s web-site, bass trombone of Boston Symphony Orchestra
Doug Yeo
Joshua Brown
Home page of the trombone-list
On Line Trombone Journal (incl. subscription to the trombone-list)
To send a message to the list (after you are subscribed) send your E-mail to: trombone-l@lists.missouri.edu . All questions about the list should be sent to the list monitor at: trombonel-monitor@trombone.org.
Tom Gibsons trombonelessons.com Brass Department Coordinator at Georgia State University lots of stuff re. recording, minidisc recorders,MP3 files
Home page of I.T.A. International Trombone Association
British Trombone Society
----->interview m. Sabution on British Trombone society
Bass Trombone Page
Canadian Trombone Compositions
Gaute Vikdal Homepage
Hugo Magliocco's Web Site
Stacy Werblin Homepage
The Domaine Forget Music and Dance Academy
The Ultimate Trombone Page
Trombone page of the World

Tuba links

until then, here´s a picture of my tuba - (St. Petersburg - BBb Contrabasstuba 4 rot. valve, bore 0.850")

: and the place I bought it: F. Monninger, Braunfels, Germany

Tubenet, the internet's largest tuba and euphonium site http://www.chisham.com

more to come...

Band links

British Brass Bands:

The Black Dyke Band | Military Band Links (US) |

FDF Gladsaxe Brass Band |


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